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July 6, 2024

Turlock, CA (April 25, 2024) – Get ready to rock as multi-platinum rock band Fuel takes the Modelo Free Variety Stage at the Stanislaus County Fair on July 6th. Concert Series is brought to you by Black Oak Casino and Resort. With hits like “Hemorrhage (in My Hands)” and “Shimmer”, Fuel promises a performance that will leave fans craving more.

“Don’t miss your chance to experience Fuel live in concert at the Stanislaus County Fair. Get your discounted tickets April 27th for a night of rock music and new Fair memories!” said Jose Piña, spokesperson for the Stanislaus County Fair.

Destiny unfolds unexpectedly. However, it pushes us exactly where we’re supposed to be at just the right time. In this respect, you could say the 2021 rebirth of GRAMMY® Award-nominated multi platinum rock band Fuel was simply meant to be. After rebuilding their brotherhood, founder, guitarist, and main Fuel songwriter Carl Bell and longtime drummer Kevin Miller didn’t just celebrate their history together. They rushed into the future joined by new blood—Aaron Scott [lead vocals, guitar], Mark Klotz [guitar, vocals], and Tommy Nat [bass, vocals]—and armed with their first album together in 18 years, Ånomåly.  Future songs and albums are presently in the works as well.

Much like the title suggests, it serves as the aberration rock music needs. “We’re excited to start a new chapter,” smiles Carl. “We wanted to honor those fans who have been there since day one, but progress forward and ask ourselves, ‘What would Fuel sound like in the present day?’ We found a mix of the past and the present, and we looked into the future. By definition, an Ånomåly is something peculiar, different, and, most of all, unexpected. A year ago, I had no idea this would happen. Now, I’m in a band with Kevin again and a bunch of hungry guys. It’s an interesting time.”

So, how did it happen? Well, Carl’s cell phone rang out of the blue one day. Despite an almost-religious aversion to answering unknown numbers, he picked up. It was Kevin. Over a few years, one phone call led to another before they finally agreed to meet in person in 2018. The two longtime friends understood one another like never before.

“We were just patient with each other,” Carl observes. “From the first conversation, I recognized the same feeling in Kevin’s voice. Fuel was huge for us. It was a great moment in our lives, and Kevin was as grateful for the opportunities that Fuel gave us as I was. We bonded on that fact. I would’ve taken a bullet for him—I still would. Kevin had been jamming with Aaron, Mark, and Tommy, and he was like, ‘I promise you. You’re going to have a great time with them’. I’m proud to say these dudes were as advertised,” Carl grins.

“I vividly remember placing that first phone call to Carl,” recalls Kevin. “I was sitting in my kitchen and thinking about all of the memories I had with Fuel. I was so proud of everything we accomplished. I thought of the early days in an RV. We spent hours playing video games and laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes. Shortly after, I remembered some situations and realized I didn’t do a great job handling them. I felt compelled to call Carl and tell him how sorry I was. He was very surprised it was me. I said my peace and apologized. He offered the olive branch, which I graciously accepted. We would periodically call each other and check in until we met up in person, laughed, cried, and made amends. The rest is history. We picked up better than ever.”

Starting in 2020, and into 2021, the album was recorded out of Carl’s personal studio, as well as vocals being recorded at Soundmine Recording Studio and King Studios in Pennsylvania. Carl’s songwriting had sharpened in the past decade, and it also marked the first time Carl took full reins as the album was written, produced, and even mixed by Carl.   In 2024, Fuel then returned to Soundmine and began recording even more material and performing the new songs live.

Fuel vocalist Aaron Scott was a contestant on The Voice, and won his place on that show by singing Fuel’s song “Hemorrhage” live on the air.  That performance won him a place on judges Blake Shelton’s team.  Soon the band contacted Aaron and began discussing opportunities for Aaron to become Fuel’s lead singer.   “Carl and Kevin came to me with a life-changing opportunity,” says Aaron.  “I’m honored the pay deep respect and homage to the previous Fuel songs, while performing and writing new material with Carl as well.  We are excited to see what the future brings.” Aaron has been performing with the band now since 2021.

The 2024 Stanislaus County Fair is July 5-14. Discounted Fair admission tickets, unlimited ride wristbands, and the Fair season pass will be on sale beginning Saturday, April 27, 2024. All Concerts are free with a paid general admission ticket. Arena events are available at additional cost. Visit to find information on fair entertainment, local exhibits, and livestock. To receive future Fair announcements follow us on Facebook at, Twitter and Instagram @stancofair.

The mission of the Stanislaus County Fair is to provide a family and community-oriented experience promoting agriculture, entertainment, and technology.