Media Credential Policies


Media credentials are required for complimentary admission to the Fair. The Marketing and

Communications Director will issue all media credentials. Credentials will be issued to and honored for

working members of the media only and not family members and/or guests.

Use of media credentials for non-media purposes and/or distribution of media credentials

to non-working members of the media, family members and/or guests will result in

immediate loss of media credential privileges throughout the 10-day run of the Fair, and

credential privileges will be carefully evaluated for future Fairs.

Credentials are subject to review and approval by the Marketing and Communications Director.

The Marketing and Communications Director will distribute credentials to editors/station managers a

minimum of two weeks in advance of the opening day of the Fair. Requests for additional credentials will

be considered on an as-needed basis in advance of opening day, and are subject to review and approval by

the Marketing and Communications Director.

Freelance Reporters/Photographers will not be issued media credentials unless they can provide proof

from the news organization for whom they are working; this includes a letter from a news director, editor

or similar authority. No business cards or by-lined articles are accepted.

Media Parking

All media vehicles need a parking credential in the FH-2 parking lot. Access to the FH-2 parking lot is

located west of the Turlock Rural Fire Station located at 690 W. Canal Drive, Turlock. You will find the

media entrance/Fair office directly across the street from this parking lot. Each passenger must present a

valid Fair-issued media credential.

Media Entrance/Admission

Credentialed media representatives will need to show media credentials to the attendant at Gate 1, located

at the corner of Canal Drive and Broadway Avenue, who will contact the Media Center to grant you

access and offer a motorized escort through the Fairgrounds to specific events you are assigned to cover.

Note: Media credentials are valid only by entry through the Media Center office and are not accepted at

any general admission gate. Media representatives must also sign in at the Media Center and sign out.

Press Box – FoodMaxx Arena

A reserved section for media representatives, with prime seating, is available in the FoodMaxx Arena. To

access this section, you must obtain a Press Box ticket from the Media Center and present your credential

and ticket to the attendant at the FoodMaxx Arena entrance.4

Track Access – FoodMaxx Arena

Access to the track for motorsport events and/or horse events is subject to the approval of the event

promoter. In all cases, when permitted, media representatives must sign a “Release of Liability” prior to

the event. In addition, in some cases, the event promoter may require that the Fair issue a special track

access pass (i.e., wristband, “pit pass,” etc.). Media representatives interested in track access must contact

the Media Center a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the event to determine if track access is

permitted by the promoter, to sign the required “Release of Liability,” and to obtain any and all additional

track passes.


Most entertainers will agree to telephone interviews in advance of their appearance but are reluctant to

give interviews on the evening of their performance. All requests for interviews should be directed to the

Fair’s publicity staff at least one month in advance of the show date. Interviews are subject to approval by

the act’s management and are not controlled by the Stanislaus County Fair.

Meet & Greet/Promotions

Radio stations shall contact the artist’s management directly to arrange for any and all meet-and-greet

requests and/or any other listener promotion the station may desire. The Fair highly recommends that the

station obtain written confirmation of such arrangements from the artist’s management. Further, the Fair

recommends that station representatives bring the written confirmation to the concert in the event the

act’s road manager has questions or needs confirmation of the prearranged promotion.

Photo Policy

Photographers may be allowed front-of-stage access for the first two numbers of a concert only.

Photographers showing up after the second number may be denied access. This policy is subject to

change depending upon the wishes of the entertainer(s) and/or directive of the act’s road manager.

Exhibit Judging Results

Upon request, the publicity staff will distribute judging results after formal auditing has been completed,

an estimated four weeks after closing day. Please direct requests for results to the Marketing and

Communications Director at 209-668-1333 x340. Please do not call the Exhibits Office directly, as you

will be referred back to the communications staff.

Media Contact

Media Questions:
(209) 668-1333



Media Parking Map

Media Parking Map


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