Turlock, CA (June 5, 2018) – With today’s voting and if Prop 68 passes, Governor Brown will include $3.6 million for Fairgrounds.
In 2010, Governor Jerry Brown’s department of finance recommended that $32 million of all the California county fairs’ funding be eliminated. In 2011, the proposed elimination of funding went on to reduce the income stream and job creation by about 30 percent, resulting in a net loss to the state. This put many California fairs at risk of closure. Seven years later, such fairgrounds continue to serve their communities – however, their continued operation has forced the ridding of crucial maintenance to existing structures. With the help of Prop 68, this can be resolved.
Prop 68, a Parks, Environment, and Water Bond, which will provide California’s network of fairgrounds with $18 million in support for facility improvements. The Prop will represent a $4.1 billion investment in outdoor recreation, land conservation and water projects.

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