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COVID-19 Fair Update


Turlock, CA (April 1, 2020) – With the nationwide order for social distancing guidelines extended until April 30th, Stanislaus County Fair officials are moving forward with Fair planning with caution.

The Stanislaus County Fair Board of Directors met in an emergency meeting on Tuesday, March 31, 2020 to discuss the recent COVID-19 pandemic situation and if Fair should open its gates to the public in July.

“Our priority is our community’s health and safety as well as our staff as we get busier with planning,” said Matt Cranford, chief operating officer of the Stanislaus County Fair.  “We are cautiously monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak and are complying with all safety measures from CDC as well as our State and county emergency officials.”

Cranford stated that there are many factors that attribute to the decision making.  Factors that could affect the fair include how long the shelter order is in place, how other businesses are shut down and their economic impact, and how long our community is out of work.

“We are also working to stay ready as a facility in case we are called upon to assist our community with COVID-19 related activities such as becoming a makeshift hospital, or logistics facility,” Cranford said.

Another Board of Directors meeting is scheduled in two weeks to further assess the COVID-19 situation.  Please check the Fair website for the scheduled agenda items.

The 2020 Stanislaus County Fair opens Friday, July 10th for a 10-day run. Fair guests can count on an award-winning experience that has been over 109 years in the making. Visit the Fair’s website for information at

The 2020 Fair will feature a spectacular children’s area. Also planned for 2020 are 10-nights of free celebrity concerts included with Fair admission, a total of three stages of live entertainment, upwards of 30,000 local exhibits and over 1,750 animals.  Metal-mashing motorsports in the FoodMaxx Arena will also be featured.

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The mission of the Stanislaus County Fair is to provide a family and community-oriented experience promoting agriculture, entertainment and technology.  For more information about the award-winning Stanislaus County Fair, visit