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Friday, July 13


Tractor Pull 1

Tractor Pull 1 is an All Diesel Truck and Tractor Pull. This Exciting event features a range of vehicles from local street 4×4 diesel trucks to modified “smoker” tractors. All vehicles pull a weight transfer sled behind that becomes heavier the further they pull it.

Saturday, July 14


Tractor Pull 2

Tractor Pull 2 is an all gas and alcohol super pull. This event will consist of local street 4×4 trucks, a wide range of modified trucks, and alcohol fueled tractors and mini tractors. The performers will compete to see who can pull a weighted transfer sled the farthest – the further they pull the sled, the heavier it gets!

Sunday, July 15


Bucking Bulls

Monday, July 16


Turlock Lions – Destruction Derby 1

Destruction Derby I can be equated to bumper cars, but with real vehicles and motor homes! This derby consists of three preliminary rounds and consolation round. Drivers are judged simply on the number of hits made to other vehicles. The top five scoring contenders in each heat qualify for the Main Event.

Tuesday, July 17


Turlock Lions – Destruction Derby 2

Destruction Derby II consists of four separate “one-shot” classes including subcompacts, powder puff (females only), lightweight (19080 and newer) and ’60s and ’70s heavyweights/ It also includes some of the drivers, cars, and motor homes that survived Derby I Traditional Turmoil.

Wednesday, July 18



Humpz and Hornz Bucking Bulls is known for producing action-packed Bull Riding events and providing clean, fun, family entertainment.

Thursday, July 19


Extreme Rodeo Games

Extreme Rodeo Games include, but not limited to the following: Mutton busting, wild cow milking, calf dress up, wild bull poker and more!

Friday, July 20


Monster Truck 1

Monster Trucks 1 consists of 5 monster trucks and Jr. Outlaw Sprint Racing. The Jr. Outlaws are comprised of daring kids, ages 6-15, racing mini sized sprint cars.

Saturday, July 21


Monster Truck 2

Monster trucks 2 will have 6 monster trucks paired with Tuff Truck  racing. The Tuff Truck racers will race on a course with bumps, jumps, and other obstacles that are designed to make the race even harder for the driver. The Tuff Trucks fall into two classes: street and open, which consist of street legal trucks and modified or off road trucks, respectively.

Sunday, July 22


Amp Motorsports – Supercross

AMP MotoCross consists of riders of all ages, including women, racing and stunts with quads, rhinos, and dirtbikes from 50cc to +40.

Arena Map

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*Tickets are required for all reserved seating.

*Children under 2 must have a ticket for a reserved seat unless they will be seated on a parents lap for the entire duration of the event.