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The EmpowHER Lounge will be a lounge geared towards inspiring young girls to be great leaders in our community.  Giving girls the confidence to be themselves through workshops and giving them the skills needed to empower others as much as empowering themselves.   The workshops are there to help harness their leadership skills, navigate their relationship with technology and create meaningful and inspiring online content by being careful what they are posting on social media.

Sample Seminars:

  • Personal Brand. You’re already creating a footprint in the world, be it online, at school or at home. Inside the Lounge we will help them present the individual they want others to see in them.
  • Become better digital citizens.
  • Speaking Up. Acquired core leadership skills that can be translated into all aspects of their lives.
  • Finding Your Cause. Making a difference starts with finding your passion. Connect the dots and support the cause that really gets you fired up!

Most Sessions to be held by WELL Education and Leadership League



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Health and Fitness

Body image/Feel confident in your own skin

Speaking up

Finding your cause

Real world expectations for Women

Presented by the Turlock Journal and 209 Magazine

Women in Media

Building financial confidence

Be responsible on social media/Anti-bullying

Personal brand. You're already creating a footprint in the world, be it online, at school or at home.

how to handle a toxic boss/ Woman on woman emotional stress in the workplace

Self love

Interview skills/ Dress for success

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